Senior Capstone Process

Stevenson’s VCD Senior Capstone is a culmination of the skills and abilities learned throughout our experience in the program. It provides an opportunity for students to prepare a collaborative design showcase with individual projects exploring a common theme.

Our theme was Questions, which “enables students to ask and answer a variety of questions in an enthusiastic, interactive and engaging way. The exhibition demonstrates how design relates to the human desire to know.”

The biggest challenge for me wasn’t actually completing the project, but rather it was making a final decision on what I even wanted to do. Since the project was so open-ended, I had a lot of ideas bouncing through my head and couldn’t decide the best way to communicate my message. After plenty of research, social media inquiries, and feedback from classmates and professors, I was able to make a final decision and run with it.

Wondering what I decided to do? Check out my process blog to learn about my project and see all of my struggles and successes throughout the completion of the class.

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